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Roland Surfboards

Every one of Roland's hand shape  surfboards  that comes out of the  factory is considered a "Hi precision sculpture" .We define them this way because each single board is a piece of art ,They combine years of shaping and  glassing  experience,  and the  use of  the  highest quality materials .
We  are  aware that  the  surfboard  market  is  very  competitive,  but  we  are  confident that the perfomance,  quality,  craftmanship and excellent prices of our boards  will  meet  or  exceed your expectations Guaranteed Roland Chocarro has been shaping or "sculpturing' and glassing boards since 1979.  He  has  owned and  operated  South Bay Glass Shop  since  1985.  During  this  time  he  has   had  the opportunity  (and he still does)  to  work with  big names  like HARBOUR, RUSTY, KEN BRADSHAW, DENIS JARVIS (Spyder surfboards) , BESSELL, BILL STEWART and other excellent shapers from  the South Bay area,  learning  the best of their skills and profesionalism, and developing his own personal style at the same time.
He has been supplying his custom shapes to different shops for 10 years under private labels and with his own signature.  Roland has also been exporting boards to  Argentina and Europe for nine years and to Japan for the last three.
With  experience  and  know-how , Roland sees  himself  in  the right place at the right time for his surfboards to be exposed to a wider market.
You can see his latest shapes at his own surfshop
SECRET SPOT SURF SHOP ,Redondo Beach, California.


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